Step 1: 

Design your poker chip images or let us design your ideas with the following points in mind:

  • Ensure your images are designed in a high-resolution format and in at least 300dpi (for print quality).
  • Ensure all logos you are using are not subject to copyright by another organisation, company or individual.
  • Ensure images are saved in a high-resolution format and in one of the following file extensions (in order of preference): .PDF, .EPS, .PSD, .TIFF, .BMP, .JPG or .JPEG.
  • Give us as much information as you can, styles, colours, any images, logos, font preference or concept and we will design something for you.


Step 2: 

How many chips do I need?

If you would like help on this subject then please do not hesitate to contact us. However, if you would like to do this by yourself we have prepared some useful information below.
To keep things really simple, owning a 500 set or chips in 4 colours will allow you to play a Texas Hold'em tournament with up to 8 (Up to 10 at a push) players.
Below is a chart which represents the number of chips recommended for a tournament. For cash games and Stud games it is a little different, so do not pay attention to the chart below. 

Number Playing

Number of chips




9 or more

300 chips

400 chips

500 chips

1000 chips

In general a break down of 3/2/1 from lowest denomination to highest is appropriate for around 300 chips, A break down of 4/3/2/1 would be appropriate for a set of around 500 chips.
Therefore, an ideal split for a 300 chipset would be:

  • 150 Red Chips (Value = 5)
  • 100 Green Chips (Value = 25)
  • 50 Black Chips (Value = 100)

Total value = 8250. With 4 players you could have a buyin of 1000 chips and 1 topup.
and for a 500 chipset:

  • 200 Red (Value = 5)
  • 150 green (Value 25)
  • 100 black (100) 
  • 50 purple (500)

Total value = 39750. With as many as 10 players you could have a buyin of 1000 chips and a topup.
For a set of 1000 you should expand to a Grey chip and either use a 5/4/3/2/1 formula or use the 4/3/2/1 but add a token number of grey chips, say 50 with a value of 1000.
The colours used for certain values are a "Standard" but not set in stone. You can use whatever you like, however, below is a list of the appropriate values to the colours we have available at this time for our custom chips:

  • White/Grey: $1
  • Red: 5 points, $5
  • Blue: 10 points, $10
  • Green: 25 points, $25
  • Orange: 50 points, $50
  • Black: 100 points, $100
  • Purple: 500 points, $500

This is the formula adopted by most Casino's and Poker Tournament Directors but of course is subject to personal preference and denominations required subject to the blind structures commonly used. However, the formula works very well.

All shipping is included in chip pricing, so you will not be paying a shipping charge.

Individual prices


Price (per piece)

Lead Time

500 Chips


14-18 days

1,000 Chips


14-18 days

2,000 Chips


14-18 days

3,000 Chips


14-21 days

5,000 Chips

Call for price

14-21 days