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Copag Poker Size Regular Index 4 Colors

SKU: Copag029


  • - Cost Friendly

  • - A protective plastic case

  • - ISO 9002 certification will ensure a quality product every time

  • - Poker size (3.5” X 2.5”), Regular index (small number)

  • - 100 % cellulose acetate plastic cards

  • - The suit colors are not just black and red, but they are actually black for spades, blue for diamonds, green for clubs, and red for hearts.

  • - Ideal for blackjack, poker and etc


The history of COPAG is directly linked to the history of card games in Brazil. COPAG has been in this market since the beginning of the century. Albino GonÇalves, a graphics designer, founded the company in 1908 in the city of SÃo Paulo. COPAG has surged to become the market leader in 100% plastic playing cards among the United States Market.

This set of Copag POKER SIZE REGULAR INDEX 4 COLORS are packaged in a protective plastic case. This product is individually retail packaged.

Copag plastic playing cards last longer than other plastic cards and more than 100 times stronger than paper cards. This particular playing cards is cost friendly and quality guaranteed.


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